Eat Like a Bear! Digital Jumpstart Course (Digital Only)

Eat Like a Bear! Digital Jumpstart Course (Digital Only)

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This is our completely digital jump start module, centered around the framework of the popular Three-Day Challenge, including:

  • 107-page downloadable PDF book  "Eat Like a Bear! Jump Start: The Three-Day Challenge Unpacked."
  • 2 how-to PDF printables.
  • 9 "Getting Started" streaming videos, centered around the biggest issues people face in weight loss implementation.

The Three-Day Challenge Unpacked

The Three-Day Challenge is a free email course at Eat Like a Bear! That email course is still free and will probably always be free. The reason this free course content has broken out into its own book is very simple: The Three-Day Challenge itself is a highly effective tool in jump-starting weight loss. The testimonies alone speak to its efficacy.

The Three-Day Challenge book sets the original challenge on fire. 

Dig in. Learn the eating approach that is driving impressively massive weight loss success in the Eat Like a Bear! community. However, do not overlook what is likely the key factor that separates this community from other weight loss platforms: We have a psychology of success in our culture and messages that also happens to be enmeshed in our approach to meals. This book shines a light on these factors more than any content you will find on this site or on social media.

Getting Started Videos

Your course dashboard will give you access to nine videos to help you jump start your Eat Like a Bear! plan. Videos include a course introduction, a "what to eat" guide, reading labels, and thinking about calories and desserts. It includes a focus on electrolytes, extended fasts, and habits.

In fact, your course dashboard will display videos much like this:

Table of Contents: The Eat Like a Bear Jump Start

Eat Like a Bear! Jump Start: The Three-Day Challenge Unpacked is the latest in the books in the ELAB community. Written after the popular Half My Size with The Ridiculously Big Salad, this book steps back and puts a focus on the framework of eating and the success mindset in the Eat Like a Bear! community. The book includes the recipes in the Three-Day Challenge (with only a couple of variations) and, as a result, has the key tools to get started.

The book is packed with inspiration and the psychology to get you started on a path that has been life-changing for many people.

Here is the Table of Contents: