Eat Like a Bear! Blueprint for Weight Loss: The Bear Bones (Digital Only)

Eat Like a Bear! Blueprint for Weight Loss: The Bear Bones (Digital Only)

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If you are looking for "The Ridiculously Big Salad" book, you have NOT found it. It is in digital and print form here.

I say often that you need no drugs, surgery, or branded products to make the Bear Diet work. You don't even need this e-book.

The big secret to your success...

I could tell you that the book will unlock the secrets to weight loss and transform your lives -- that in the YouTube videos and Facebook content that I left out the three key ingredients to make this diet a success for you, and that the only way to unlock those secrets is to buy this e-book for $9.97. The fact is that many people have found my story and read and watched the content that is publicly and freely available on my channels. They have had great success, and so, obviously, you don't really need this e-book to succeed. There are no secrets in it.

In fact, you'll discover the real secret to your success by taking a hard look in the mirror, but I will add that we have some powerful tools to help straighten that path between your situation right now and your weight loss goal. The simplicity of our message and the power of our community has led to some of the more powerful transformation stories emerging in our society today.

Although we have more detailed content at Eat Like a Bear these days, with entire courses dedicated to weight loss, early adopters of the Eat Like a Bear! diet had only this simple little digital book to get started. Many leaned on it heavily. The e-book is 51 pages long and does distill it all in a convenient package.

What You Get

The book is a 51-page digital download in PDF format, a digital file type compatible with many book-reading applications. After your purchase, you will receive an email with a link that will allow you to download it and save it to your computer. You can also print it up at home and even put it in a binder to read like an actual book.

The PDF document includes:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction (7 pages)
  • Chapter 2: Eat Like A Bear! (12 pages)
  • Chapter 3: Amanda’s Additional Success Factors (7 pages)
  • Chapter 4: Frequently Asked Questions (7 pages)
  • Chapter 5: What to Eat to Lose Weight (7 pages)
  • Chapter 6: Conclusion (2 pages)
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is this a recipe book? A: This is definitely NOT a recipe book. It describes a few meal frameworks, but it is the overall framework taught in the Eat Like a Bear group.
Q: Is this a print book? A: This is a digital PDF book. We do not make a print version of this book. However, the layout is designed to be printed easily on a home printer. You can also take it into a store like the FedEx store and have them print it for you.
Q: When will this book be available in print? A:  At this time, we do not plan a print version of this digital book. The digital "Jump Start" course we have on the website includes my latest entry-level book and that particular book is planned for print.

Q: Is my purchase refundable? A: If you bought the wrong item or it the description did not fit what you received, please email support for a refund ( All digital content comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for seven days. It is delivered to your inbox within minutes.