Eat Like a Bear! Digital Course BUNDLE (PLUS Both PRINT BOOKS, U.S. orders only)

Eat Like a Bear! Digital Course BUNDLE (PLUS Both PRINT BOOKS, U.S. orders only)

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This bundle includes digital courses (described below) as well as print versions of the two books:

  • Eat Like A Bear! Jump Start: The Three-Day Challenge Unpacked
  • Half My Size with The Ridiculously Big Salad

Currently, these books are only available to U.S. residents and shipped to a physical address via FedEx.

(Our print books are non-refundable and only replaced for damage. If you are looking for our 7-day return guarantee, find the digital-only version of this product.)

In the descriptions below, you can learn more about these two books in conjunction with the digital learning materials. The digital-only content includes digital versions of both of these books. The production quality is much higher in the case of the print books, but the content itself is the same. (That is, if you have the digital content, you have already have everything you need.

The Digital Learning Bundle at Eat Like A Bear!

This course bundle includes access to four digital course modules at Eat Like a Bear, all delivered digitally via email. The PDFs can be downloaded and printed. The videos are streamed from the internet (much like on YouTube).

  1. The Eat Like a Bear! Jump Start Course. This includes a digital version of the downloadable PDF book "Eat Like a Bear! Jump Start: The Three-Day Challenge Unpacked," based on the popular Three-Day Challenge. It includes 37 streaming companion videos that highlight key problems in weight loss implementation. (Priced individually at $37)
  2. The Ridiculously Big Salad Course. This includes a digital version of the popular book "Half My Size with Ridiculously Big Salad" plus recipe printables and 11 companion videos. (Priced individually at $37)
  3. The Cooked Ridiculously Big Salad Course. In beta, this module is not available on its own. It currently has 53 cooked RBS recipes (including chicken, beef, seafood, and pork), companion videos, and a super-simple method for meal preparation. There is no vegetarian version at this time. (Expected to be priced individually at $37)
  4. ELAB Psychology Video Series Course. This module is also in development with 24 unique course videos in the member area (plus 11 videos available publicly on YouTube). (Expected to be priced individually at $77)

Browse below for more details, but the courses on Psychology and the Cooked Ridiculously Big Salad are in development and not yet available on their own. You will have access to all updated content in those courses as it it added.("Beta" just means that we're still working on them but you can leverage them before they are complete.)


Eat Like a Bear! Jump Start, published in April 2021

Starting in 2021, this book and companion video course are the best place to start with Eat Like a Bear! The book takes the massive success of the Three-Day Challenge and turns it up, including tools to get started with the eating framework and the mindset.

What’s in the Jump Start book:

The Jump Start book is designed to give you stories to inspire you to meet your own goals as well as the foundational approach to eating that is driving the success you are seeing in the community.

Chapters include:

  • The Story of Eat Like a Bear!
  • What We Do at Eat Like a Bear!
    • Tenet 1: Intermittent Fasting
    • Tenet 2: Low Carb Eating
    • Eating Success Factors
  • The Three-Day Challenge
  • Frequently Asked Questions About This Diet
  • Common Adaptations of the Framework
  • Diligent Implementation
  • The Psychology of Getting Started
  • What Maintenance Looks Like
  • Focus, Don’t “Release” (on personal responsibility and choice)
    • Four stories that may blow your mind
    • A photo gallery of over 130 success cases

The hardcover and digital versions of the book include the same text. The hardcover version has higher-quality design and a gallery of photos. The digital version directs you to success cases on our website. The digital book is designed to be easily printed from a home printer.


*****The digital bundle DOES NOT include the print version of the book.*****


What’s in the Jump Start digital course:

The digital course includes 18 exclusive course videos commingled with 19 videos available on the public YouTube channel. The Jump Start digital course represents the single biggest value on the website (aside from the digital bundle, which includes the Jump Start digital course). It is the best way of stretching dollars to assist with your weight loss goal.

The course includes:

  • A printer-friendly PDF download of the Jump Start book
  • Streaming videos on these topics:
    • Perception of “Choice”: What Are Your Choices in Weight Loss? (also available on YouTube)
    • Gradual Transition or Rapid Deep Dive into Weight Loss?
    • Make Your Goal BIG! (2 videos, also on YouTube)
    • The Fundamentals of “What to Eat and Drink” (4 videos)
    • The Three-Day Challenge, Revisited (also free by email)
    • One Meal or More? What is Actually “Easier”?
    • What’s That Hidden In Your Food? Check It!
    • Sweeteners? Artificials, Stevia, and Monkfruit
    • Electrolytes! Don’t Overlook Them!
    • Yes, Getting Started IS Hard!
    • Adaptation! A Key to Our Success
    • Losing “Only” Forty Pounds, “Only” Fifteen, These Adaptations
    • Special Event and Vacation Eating: Several Strategies (2 videos, 1 on YouTube)
    • A Few Basic Habits, Nighttime + Snacks (3 videos, 1 on YouTube)
    • This Hormone Can Be Trained. Be Careful How You Train It…
    • Losing 30, 50, 75, then a “Stall”
    • Should You Exercise? Plus a pitfall… (2 videos)
    • A Stall? Check This!
    • Medications? Manage Them! (also on YouTube)
    • I’d Really Watch Cream/Butter/Oil in Coffee (and Related Beverages) (also on YouTube)
    • Apple Cider Vinegar: A Great Tool for Satiation (also on YouTube)
    • Weight Maintenance Approach (also on YouTube)
    • Extended Fasting — What, Why, and the Psychology of Timing (also on YouTube)
    • Avoid the Weight Loss Accelerators! (also on YouTube)
    • Scale Fluctuations? What? (also on YouTube)


Half My Size with The Ridiculously Big Salad (RBS), published in 2019, updated 2020

This book has sold over 20,000 copies and has driven massive weight loss success in the Eat Like a Bear! community. If you choose to take the salad approach in your implementation, this book and companion videos will be your very best tool.

What’s in the RBS book:

  • Why, What, & How. Learn the underlying framework of The Ridiculously Big Salad itself.
  • The Greens. How much. Which greens.
  • The Protein on Top. How much. Bulk-cooking strategy and instructions/recipes. Recipes include chicken breast, ground beef, ground pork, ground turkey, beef roast, pork roast, steak strips, bacon, salmon, boiled eggs, shrimp, scallops, and tuna.
  • The Dressings. There are 15 salad dressing recipes including classic vinaigrette, Dijon vinaigrette, Ranch, coleslaw, Cesar, Italian, creamy Italian, poppy seed, honey mustard, Asian peanut, Asian teriyaki, tartar sauce dressing, blue cheese, Big Mac "special sauce," cilantro vinaigrette, green goddess.
  • The Featured Salads. There are 15 "featured salads" that use the framework in a highly crafted way. However, the primary goal of the book is to mix and match the dressings, greens base, proteins, and other toppings to make hundreds (thousands?) of your own salads. The Six-Week Plan is crafted with that goal in mind, helping you taste dozens of combinations in a kitchen-manageable fashion.
  • Your Six-Week Meal Plan. Each week includes salad plan with shopping lists.

None of the recipes are vegetarian at this time. Some do include dairy, which could be easily removed or replaced.

The hardcover and digital versions of the book include the same text. The hardcover version has higher-quality design and a gallery of photos. The digital version directs you to success cases on our website. The digital book is designed to be easily printed from a home printer.

*****The digital bundle DOES NOT include the print version of the book.*****

What’s in the RBS digital course:

The digital course includes the digital version of the book "Half My Size with The Ridiculously Big Salad" as well as additional printable PDF documents from the book. In total, the PDF downloadable files (easily printed on a home printer) include:

  • A printer-friendly PDF download of the Half My Size with The Ridiculously Big Salad book
  • Featured Salads
  • Salad Dressing Recipes
  • Six-Week Plan

To date, the course has 11 companion videos on these topics:

  • Why the Ridiculously Big Salad for Weight Loss?
  • The Ridiculously Big Salad "Parts"
  • Batch Cooking Protein on The Ridiculously Big Salad
  • The Greens on the RBS?
  • More on the Greens (Their Purpose)
  • Whip up a Dressing!
  • Electrolytes with The Ridiculously Big Salad
  • The #1 Reason for a Stall
  • Two Meals? How to Think About It
  • Look Again at that Salad! (Assessing the salad and your goals)
  • Maximize Your “RBS Happiness”

The Cooked RBS (Ridiculously Big Salad), in development (“beta”)

Not yet available for purchase on its own, this digital course offering is in development and will include a digital book as well as companion recipes and videos.

As of spring 2021, the course includes 53 “cooked RBS” recipes and 10 companion videos. The recipes are broken down into specific recipe types, with extremely simply cooking techniques for each. These techniques are really as simple as they ever get.

The recipe files currently include:

  • 22 skillet dishes
  • 11 stir fries
  • 6 soups
  • 8 puréed soups
  • 6 crafted lower-calorie recipes (for two-meal models)

None of the recipes are vegetarian at this time. Some do include dairy, which could be easily removed or replaced.

The 10 companion videos include:

  • WELCOME to the Cooked RBS Course! (The Simplicity of This Thing is Almost Laughable!)
  • The Cooked RBS Framework + the Skillet Approach!
  • The Pureed Soup Cooked RBS Method
  • Homemade Broth if You Wish — Keep It Simple!
  • Handling the Protein to Keep it SIMPLE!!!
  • Flavor Tips and Tricks for the Cooked RBS!
  • Use These Tricks to Make it More Filling
  • A Tool to Help Bring the Eating to an End
  • Adapting this to Two Meals (or More) a Day
  • If You Stall, Check This…

Best for: Anyone serious about implementing the framework of The Ridiculously Big Salad but who either can’t eat large amounts of raw food or is simply tired of raw salads. (Caution to those who take for granted that it is “just a hot keto meal.” It’s a framework, and if you’re not meeting your goals, you may need to double down with this book. Many of those hot keto meals to be found elsewhere are going to keep you fat.)

Eat Like a Bear Psychology, in development (“beta”)

A video-based course on the mindset of weight loss and weight maintenance from a social choice theoretic framework. Amanda Rose’s Ph.D. training in political science focused on social choice theory.  Why was Amanda’s weight loss and weight maintenance successful “this time” (for the first time in her life)? A combination of unusual circumstances, including her background in social choice theory.

The course currently has 24 unique course videos, and it brings in an additional 11 videos that are available publicly on the YouTube channel.

This content is highly unique and based on Amanda Rose’s analysis of primary research in social choice theory and addiction combined with her observation of thousands of community members over nearly three years. This course is not a rehash of everyone else’s self-help work, nor some sort of collection of inspirational memes from social media.

While in development, videos in this course area currently include these topics:

  • Maximize Your Happiness! (Welcome to the Psychology Course!)
  • Gearing Up
    • Perception of “Choice”: What are your choices in weight loss? (Also on YouTube)
    • Gradual Transition or Rapid Deep Dive? (Also in the Jump Start course)
    • The Fundamental Change in My Own Mindset in 2017
    • As You Gear Up: An Exercise
    • As You Gear Up, Consider Your “Micro Decisions” (and an Exercise)
  • Goal-Setting
    • Goal-Setting: We’ve Been Doing It All Wrong! (2 videos also on YouTube)
    • The Big Goal (Again) with a Project
    • Get All the Way to the Finish Line! This Is Why It’s So Important.
  • Mindset
    • A Winning Food Mindset
    • A Recipe for Weight Loss? (Don’t Buy It!) (also on YouTube)
    • Why You Will Never Find Weight Loss Accelerator Products on This Site (also on YouTube)
    • The “Can’t versus Don’t” Mindset Series (5 videos, 3 also on YouTube)
  • Your Value for Food: Understand it, Change it! (3 videos)
  • Internal Negotiations
    • Internal Negotiations: Consider Them Systematically! (4 videos)
    • Your Choice Set: Choose Wisely!
    • Weigh ALL the Costs!
  • Structures
    • Structure Tomorrow for Success!
    • The Bright Line May Not Be All That Elusive…
  • The Long View
    • Our Changing Value for Food (the Cheetos Follow-Up)
    • Whatever It Is, Does It Drive Your Happiness?
    • Happiness and “Inner Peace”

Book Ordering Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get this book somewhere else?
A: Right now, this book is only available right on this website. Through strange Amazon circumstances, it is not even available there. This may change in the future, but for now this is the hand we were dealt.


  • Q: What are your shipping options?
    A: We ship with FedEx Express to the 50 United States and the District of Columbia but offer USPS Priority Mail for shipments to post office boxes, US territories, and overseas US armed forces.
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  • A: We do not ship internationally at this time, but it is high on our to-do list.
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  • A: FedEx Express shipments should arrive within 2-4 business days. USPS Priority Mail shipments should take 2-7 business days to arrive. A shipping confirmation with a tracking number will be emailed to you when your order has shipped.
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  • A: We can offer a generous return policy for our digital items because they are digital. If you are concerned about the quality of this product, I direct you to the digital products. Take advantage of their return policy should they not meet their claims.
  • Q: Can I expect the same weight loss results as the many success cases I am seeing?
  • A: The Eat Like a Bear community has a high success rate, but the cases you are seeing are those who have dialed in on the framework, usually with above-average zeal. They are not the typical case in our community. Your own results may vary.

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