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This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.


A message from Amanda Rose, introducing the new community:

You asked for it. You got it!

We've had demand for this community for over two years, and we are excited to make it available to you in a conversation-rich environment supporting diversity and growth.

Join the Eat Like a Bear! community ENGAGE, a community structured to help you stay engaged daily in your long-term goals, at whatever stage you may be in meeting them.

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Based in the Psychology of Weight Loss Success

The Eat Like A Bear! community is known for its culture of support and positivity. The ENGAGE community leverages that same culture but adds much more psychology and intention to its structure.

The community is formed around Five Tenets of Success, tenets which are described in depth in the academic literature on weight loss and social choice theory. The tenets are:

  1. Build Momentum
  2. Act "As If"
  3. Build Evidence
  4. Leverage Good Days
  5. Respect Space and Time

Become a Strategic Decision-Maker

My doctorate is in political science, not in a medical field. Some people see that as a disadvantage, and yet here we are, seeing massive success at Eat Like A Bear!, with weight loss rates that may be historic.

All of this success you observe is led by a non-medical doctor of political science and expert in strategic decision-making.

All of these decades, as we've struggled with our weight, perhaps what we've been missing is a strategy game.

Perhaps it took a literal strategy expert to struggle with obesity for decades and get fed up enough to get to this point.

You know me as providing leadership in "What to Eat." The Three-Day Challenge and the food framework of the Ridiculously Big Salad are a testament to the success of the food message. If you have the book "Half My Size with Soups, Skillets, and Sautés," you already know how much strategy I see in meal implementation.

The fact of the matter is that there is strategy in nearly everything I do every day. As I hammered out my Ph.D. research, my 25-year-old brain was imbued with strategic thinking. I had simply never brought that tool to weight loss until the fall of 2017, in a highly unlikely psychological context that unleashed my strategic expertise.

I have begun to teach this kind of thinking in my books. You will find small seeds of it on YouTube.

I have structured this community to help you begin to think and act differently, to act strategically.


Seeing results drives more results, but buckling in long enough to begin to live in those results is often very difficult. The ENGAGE community offers you accountability structures to help you meet your goals as quickly as possible. In fact, rapid implementation IS a tenet of ENGAGE, largely because it is seeing benefits quickly that keep us on track.

The community includes a basic Weigh In Challenge with prizes and a leader board. Here's the video introduction.

Benefits of ENGAGE

ENGAGE is designed to help you stay focused on your long-term health and wellness goal. ENGAGE is designed as:

  • A safe place to discuss personal matters related to our long-term health and wellness goals.
  • A small community of like-minded people, focused and committed to change.
  • A small community of high-quality peer support with members exploring their own growth.

ENGAGE has a strong foundation of content waiting for you to explore. It includes:

  1. Video-based Psychology Materials highlighting elements of the Five Tenets of the community.
  2. Weekly Videos. Join Amanda and the leadership team weekly to dig into the psychology of weight loss.
  3. Focused Challenges for the entire community.
  4. Regular Posts by Community Leaders. These posts will inspire discussion around daily application of the Five Tenets.

ENGAGE bonuses

  • The Eat Like a Bear! Weight Loss Video Library. 20+ videos on what to eat to lose weight.
  • The original digital Bear Bones Blueprint. A 50-page digital book first released in January 2019, and the original manual that many early members used.

The Core Community Engagement is on a Unique Platform. This is What It Looks Like.

 Here's a welcome and a short walk-through of the ENGAGE community.

New in 2022

Our community is brand new in 2022. We are working on growing a world-class collection of resources for members. We are highly open to your suggestions and feedback.

Far More Than "What to Eat"

We have many resources here at Eat Like A Bear! on what to eat. You may know me as the author of a number of books on the "what to eat" question. If that is the sort of support you are looking for, I direct you to the other food-centered resources on this site that help you deep-dive into that question. (That said, the community does host a recipe sharing area.)

As far as food goes, consider the focus of the ENGAGE community to be more along the lines of "How can I keep eating this sort of way in a consistent fashion?" In general, to win that internal battle of will and focus on our long-term goals, the value we place on food likely needs to change.

In any case, for food recommendations, find the Eat Like A Bear! Three-Day Challenge on the website and the resources on The Ridiculously Big Salad and Half My Size with Soups, Skillets, and Sautés.

It's Also How You're Thinking About That Food

You already know that one cookie is never the problem. The problem is the eating of one turning into ninety-three. We are looking hard at why that is, and making better decisions and building better structures around that cookie.

We are building better structures around all of the things that we are eating, and we're working on baking those structures right into our daily habits. Engrained daily habits make life easier, not harder.

The right habits make weight loss and weight maintenance easier, not harder.

This is the stuff of ENGAGE.

We're developing and reinforcing it through activities such as our "Last Man Standing Eating Window Challenge," where you'll deep-dive into why the eating window really matters, far beyond the biology of it and deep into the psychology. You'll be able to create the best structure for yourself and then work on that habit, with the support and reinforcement from the ENGAGE community.

Here's out current challenge.

Do You Actually Need to be a Member?

As with everything here at Eat Like a Bear!, you do not need to join the ENGAGE member area to have success.

You had everything you needed to succeed long before you ever found Eat Like a Bear!

Eat Like a Bear! had its first two 100+ pound weight loss cases before we even had our first little digital book. We had about 130 100+ pound weight loss cases ("Century Bears") before ENGAGE was even launched.

We have an extremely active community that is completely free. It will fill your feed with daily inspiration as people share their stories. I intend for that never to change.

However, if you would like more, the ENGAGE community is where you will find it. It is a member-funded area that allows us to build additional tools for success.

ENGAGE and Live Vibrantly in the Benefits of Your New Life

We are seeing some massive life transformations at Eat Like A Bear!, and it is because of the way we think about our goals. This community is structured to shine a bright light on those success factors, and to leverage them for long-term weight maintenance. It is based on our Five Tenets.

The Five Tenets of ENGAGE

The Five Tenets of ENGAGE come out of social science research on weight loss and strategic choice ("social choice"). They are:

  1. Build Momentum
  2. Act "As If"
  3. Build Evidence
  4. Leverage Good Days
  5. Respect Space and Time

I describe the tenets in more detail in the video below about the backstory of the ENGAGE community.

Eat Like A Bear BBB Business Review

Satisfaction Guarantee

ENGAGE is a digital product and comes with our "7-day no-questions-asked" satisfaction policy. You don't like it? Ask for your money back!

Annual Cost with a Recurring Charge

This is the annual payment option which comes with a recurring charge. (There is a monthly option here.)

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Eat Like A Bear BBB Business Review

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