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This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

A message from Amanda Rose, introducing the new community:

You asked for it, you got it!

We've had demand for this community for over two years and we introduce it now as we all look hard at getting through the 2021 holiday season, a time of year when many people in our community struggle to stay focused on their long-term goals.

Join the Eat Like a Bear! community ENGAGE, a community structured to stay engaged daily in our long-term goals, at whatever stage we may be in meeting them.

(This monthly membership price will increase in the new year. We also offer an annual payment option here that represents two months free. (HERE))

Eat Like A Bear BBB Business Review

Based in the Psychology of Weight Loss Success

The Eat Like A Bear! community is known for its culture of support and positivity. The ENGAGE community leverages that same culture but adds much more psychology and intention to its structure. It is formed around Five Tenets of Success, tenets which are described in depth in the academic literature on weight loss and social choice theory.

Become a Strategic Decision-Maker

My doctorate is in political science, not in a medical-related field. Some people see that as a disadvantage, and yet here we are, seeing massive success at Eat Like A Bear!, with weight loss rates that may be historic. All of this is led by a non-medical doctor of political science and expert in strategic decision-making.

All of these decades, as we've struggled with our weight, perhaps what we've been missing is a strategy game. Perhaps it took a literal strategy expert to struggle with obesity for decades and get fed up enough to get to this point.

You know me as providing leadership in "What to Eat." The Three-Day Challenge and the food framework of the Ridiculously Big Salad is a testament to the success of the food message. If you have the book "Half My Size with Soups, Skillets, and Sautés," you already know how much strategy I see in meal implementation.

The fact of the matter is that there is strategy in nearly everything I do every day. As I hammered out my Ph.D. research, my 25-year-old brain was imbued with strategic thinking. I had simply never brought that tool to weight loss until the fall of 2017, in a highly unlikely psychological context that unleashed my strategic expertise.

I have begun to teach this kind of thinking in my books. You will find small seeds of it on YouTube. Those who have access to my premium psychology content have had a good deal of exposure to it.

I have structured this community to help you begin to think and act differently, to act strategically.

The ENGAGE Welcome Video

The Core Engagement is in Facebook (for now). What It Looks Like.

As we launch, the core part of all of this will be housed within Facebook. You will have access to our main resource hub for the ENGAGE community, a hub where you will access materials such as LIVE and pre-recorded videos.

You will also become a member of a Bear Den, a community that will likely begin with a few hundred people but will never grow out of the double-digits in size. (We have selected the size to maximize engagement and friendships. Larger is better for engagement, but it is also easy to get lost in large communities.)

This is a "Founding Member" Opportunity

We are in development, and I will always be looking to improve what I offer. I have ambitions that we can generate enough revenue to build our own app from the ground up. In such a future, your founding membership would sail right into that new future, and I will lock in your founding price.

(Wherever we end up in the future of ENGAGE, you're locked in forever at this price. Remember how some of you pre-bought the digital bundle materials and ended up with banger deals on the two beta courses? It could be a bit like that.)

As you purchase, and if you have the opportunity to include your mobile phone number, do so. We hope to include a text message/SMS addition to all of this in the months to come.

We Launched on September 23 with Intention

We have scrambled to launch this community by September 23 in order to launch in the last 99 days of 2021. Originally, I had considered launching on January 1, 2022, because that is an obvious date in weight loss. However, a big part of our success here at Eat Like A Bear! is that we often do things in ways that are not obvious.

"Why not start in the most difficult time of the year?" I asked myself.

In fact, we lose many people in our community every fall. What if we can reduce that backsliding AND increase our success at the same time? And so we scramble to launch this by September 23 ....

Benefits of ENGAGE

ENGAGE is designed to help you stay focused on your long-term goal and, for the time being, our primary location is in a private Facebook community. However, as you sign up, be sure to include your mobile phone number, if you have one. We hope to leverage text/SMS messages in the future.

In the Facebook community you will be able to engage in the following ways:

  1. Introductory Video Materials highlighting elements of the Five Tenets. You may have seen some before, particularly if you are in the psychology course.
  2. Weekly Live Videos. Join Amanda and the leadership team weekly to dig into the psychology of weight loss, in particular as it relates to the holidays. (Fall 2021)
  3. Your Own Bear Den, structured never to get so big that you can't find your friends. (Dens will be include hundred people but will never break into the four digits.)
  4. A Focused Seasonal Challenge for the entire community. You saw our test-drive of this approach this spring and summer in the main Eat Like A Bear! Stories community. Engage through the season in your Den with our seasonal challenge. (Our challenge for Fall 2021 is #BEAR99, counting the final 99 days of the year.)
  5. Daily Posts by Community Leaders. These posts will inspire discussion around daily application of the Five Tenets.
  6. Your Own Posts in Your Den. Post your progress and updates.

Beyond "What to Eat"

We have many resources here at Eat Like A Bear! about what to eat. You may know me as the author of a number of books on the "what to eat" question. If that is the sort of support you are looking for, I direct you to the other food-centered resources on this site. This community, rather, is designed to be a level above the "what to eat" question. As far as food goes, consider the focus of the community to be more along the lines of "How can I keep eating this sort of way in a consistent fashion?" In general, to win that internal battle of will and focus on our long-term goals, the value we place on food likely needs to change.

In any case, for food recommendations, find the Eat Like A Bear! Three-Day Challenge on the website and the resources on The Ridiculously Big Salad and Half My Size with Soups, Skillets, and Sautés.

ENGAGE and Live in the Benefits of Your New Life

We are seeing some massive life transformations at Eat Like A Bear!, and it is because of the way we think about our goals. This community is structured to shine a bright light on those success factors, and to leverage them for long-term weight maintenance. It is based on our Five Tenets.

The Five Tenets of ENGAGE

The Five Tenets of ENGAGE come out of social science research on weight loss and strategic choice ("social choice"). They are:

  1. Build Momentum
  2. Act "As If"
  3. Build Evidence
  4. Leverage Good Days
  5. Respect Space and Time

I describe the tenets in more detail in the video below about the backstory of the ENGAGE community.

Eat Like A Bear BBB Business Review

Satisfaction Guarantee

ENGAGE is a digital product and comes with our "7-day no-questions-asked" satisfaction policy. You don't like it? Ask for your money back! In this case, we measure 7 days from your onboarding into the community itself, since it may take a few days to get you in there.

Monthly Cost with a Recurring Charge (Founding Member Price)

This community has a monthly cost with a recurring charge. We offer an annual payment option, as well, here that represents two months free. (HERE)

The price you see is a "Founding Member" price, a badge of honor that I suppose mainly means that this is the cheapest price you'll ever see, and that I fully intend to raise in October 2021 after all you guys who've been around here for a while get in.

Cancel at any time

Cancel your membership at any time, but remain a member through the term that you have paid. (For instance, if your membership renews on the 21st of the month and you cancel on the 14th, you will remain a member until the 21st. Likewise, if your annual membership ends on September 21st and you cancel on August 2nd, you will remain a member through September 21st.)

Financial Risk?

As for the monthly membership, cancel at any time! This is not a high-dollar membership with a lot of risk. There is no large start-up cost, and the monthly membership is really fairly trivial considering the big, life-changing goal that most of us are bringing to this.

This is a founding member price. I'd be inclined to join and grab it if this is at all interesting to you. Stay in for a month. Stay in through the holidays. In many households, we spend far more than the monthly fee adding extra stuff to our cart at Target. (Add less of that stuff to your cart and direct the cash to ENGAGE.)

Learn the ENGAGE Back Story


Eat Like A Bear BBB Business Review

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