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Eat Like A Bear!

(DIGITAL ONLY) A Dozen Ridiculously Big Recipes, The Post-Bariatric Collection

(DIGITAL ONLY) A Dozen Ridiculously Big Recipes, The Post-Bariatric Collection

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From Amanda Rose, Ph.D., founder of Eat Like a Bear!:

Grab a dozen of the famous Ridiculously Big Salad and Ridiculously Big Skillet recipes right here -- the Post-Bariatric Collection.

Yes, these Ridiculously Big Recipes are specifically crafted to drive the weight loss the Eat Like a Bear! community has become known for.

A Key Tool to Fuel Your Momentum

What we need to drive continued success in weight loss and to get us to that vibrant future where we are unencumbered by our extra pounds, is this:

–––> MOMENTUM <–––

We need to see that it works, and we need to focus and get that powerful momentum that continues to fuel us.

These recipes help with exactly that.

These recipes ARE some of our highly-crafted and fine-tuned Ridiculously Big Salad and Skillet recipes.

"RBS" Recipes + Easy Shopping

Our community refers to this unique recipe framework as the "RBS" framework, named for the "Ridiculously Big Salad" and its spinoff the "Ridiculously Big Skillet."

With this recipe collection, you'll have every tool you need to confidently shop and make the perfect pound-shedding meals that have lead to 190 100+ pound weight loss cases.

Get it done and get GOING!!!!

These recipes address the "Day 4" problem

We have a popular Three-Day Challenge at Eat Like a Bear! where I give people a shopping list and three days of recipes. A common question is: "What do I eat on Day 4?"

I discuss this issue in the Challenge videos, but in the past I've said, "Just keep going with those Three Day Challenge meals. There are also two books if you want more recipes."

What tends to happen then is that some people buy the books and use them to fine-tune their implementation. Many have experienced massive success.

Other people think to themselves something like, "Why buy a book when I can just look up recipes on Pinterest?"

The problem with the Pinterest approach is:

We don't know what we don't know until we experience the fruits of our not knowing.

That could be months of hitting stalls and not knowing why. I see it all the time in the community.

There is a truly horrifying collection of junk on Pinterest, causing a whole lot of stalls.

Many purported weight loss recipes could well keep you fat or make you fatter.

These recipes claim to help with weight loss, but you never see many (or any) actual success cases.

I wonder why....

Here at Eat Like a Bear!, our success record is pretty impressive and transparent. You can find evidence of it all over the internet.

Lean into the Eat Like a Bear! approach. Stay off Pinterest!

Yes, what we do IS simple

The Eat Like a Bear! meal framework IS simple, but it is also highly specific.

In fact, it IS simple and obvious when you learn all of its nuances, but you won't know those nuances until you learn them.

The leadership team at Eat Like a Bear! calls this dynamic our "Pinterest problem." It is the greatest threat to our community-wide success rate.

Why we have a "Pinterest problem"

When people get started, some have a very smart objection to buying learning content at Eat Like a Bear!: They have spent tens of thousands of dollars on other companies' weight loss products, and they are done with that.

I am the president of that club.

When I lost the 140 pounds in 2017-2018, I used no guidance whatsoever because I was completely over that.

I am highly sympathetic to the thinking of not wanting to buy more junk.

I get it.

Up to this point, the buying options here at Eat Like a Bear! have been limited to higher-dollar books and courses. Those drive a great deal of additional success among our membership and are a key reason for our success.

I want you to get that powerful momentum, AND I want you to stay off Pinterest!

That's why I created the Ridiculously Big Collections. You can get a whole lot of momentum while spending very little.

The RBS recipes tend to be so frugal that you'll have your money back in a day or two.

I'd give all of this away for free if I didn't have a large and growing stack of bills to pay for what has become Eat Like a Bear.

With this purchase, you can both stay off Pinterest AND contribute in a small way to floating the growing boat of Eat Like a Bear.


Get a dozen recipes right now to get you started!

You have landed on our "post-Bariatric Collection" of recipes. Notice, too, that we have collections for plant-based and dairy-free members of our community. We have a pureed soup collection for people with dental problems or in illness recovery.

Find the collection that best fits you. Buy that collection.

All of the recipes come from the Ridiculously Big Skillet books -- you don't also need this collections if you have the book.

This collection focuses on our cooked skillet recipes because those have been the most useful among our members of the Bariatric Bears community. Bariatric Bears tend to eat these portions in two or three meals a day.

Here are the recipes in this collection:

  • Broccoli Chicken Skillet
  • Mushroom Chicken Casserole
  • Ham and Cheese Soup
  • Sage Sausage Skillet
  • Sausage Gravy Skillet
  • Zuppa Toscana Soup
  • Teriyaki Beef
  • Cajun Garlic Beef
  • Eggroll in a Bowl
  • Korean Beef
  • Panang Chicken
  • Salsa Verde Chicken

Grab a dozen Ridiculously Big Recipes today. You will have them in minutes in your email inbox.

The recipes are digital-only PDF files. Here are the details of each collection:

  • The post-Bariatric Collection has one dozen (12) general-interest recipes, including six Ridiculously Big Salad recipes and six Ridiculously Big Skillet recipes.
  • The collections are each 10-page PDF files that you access on your electronic device.
  • Each collection includes a convenient Grocery Inventory and Shopping List Builder.
  • If you choose to print your collection, it is easily printed on a home printer. You can also find a printer near you to print it for you. It's a brief 10 pages (and you don't need to print all 10 pages).

We don't all have to eat the same thing!


In the RBS Recipe Collection, use the tool to cross off the stuff you don't like.

Part of the tool looks like this:

    A screenshot from the recipe collection of the Grocery Inventory

    The Grocery Inventory and Shopping List Builder help you with the obvious:

    You may not want to make all dozen recipes.

    That's okay!

    So where do you start and what ingredients do you need?

    Each collection starts with a Ridiculously Big Grocery Inventory. It helps you identify and cross off ingredients you may be allergic to, don't like, or can't access.

    You're then left with recipes you can implement immediately and a shopping list tool to help you get to the grocery store and get started on your great new project.

    More than just a dozen recipes, in just a few minutes after buying your collection, you can be headed to the store and shopping.

    Get going right now!

    "All of this is right from me to you! Go get it!"

    – Amanda

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