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(DIGITAL ONLY) The Big Bear Blueprint with RECIPES!: How to Eat Like a Bear in Less Than 10 Minutes a Day

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This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

Whether you're new to Eat Like a Bear or you've been around a while, this recipe collection AND course is for you.

Yes, this course includes new recipes, at least one of which is likely to go viral in the community over its flavor and simplicity. In fact, part of the recipe collection uses jarred sauces as a way to cut your meal-making time down even further. :)

This course has two simple goals:

  1. To teach the main meal framework in depth, so that you can implement like a pro on auto-pilot and meet your long-term weight loss goals.

  2. To help you prepare your meals in less than 10 minutes a day.

Those are two simple but critical points. You will also gain a far deeper understanding of how the simplicity of what we do is so important.

You will receive access within minutes via your purchase email


What is included in the "Big Bear Blueprint"?

Printables – Graphics and Recipes

This product includes a handy collection of graphic printables, including recipes, all designed to teach you the framework. There are recipes in the printables, highly strategically chosen recipes designed to help you learn the framework. From there, you can easily add other flavors and ingredients of your choice.

The printables are PDF files. The core learning PDF is 9 pages, the recipe PDF is 6 pages, and the ingredient guide is 4 pages long. With only 19 pages total, these files are easily saved on a mobile device and easily printed on a home printer.


Recipes include BOTH our Ridiculously Big Salad AND Ridiculously Big Skillet ("cooked RBS") recipes.

Some of the recipes rely on jarred sauces a recipe type I only began to introduce in the Skillets book. This is a strategy you can use to cut your meal-making down even further.

As I mentioned above, at least one of these new recipes has the potential to be viral in itself because of the combination of flavor and simplicity. It was the simplicity I was going for in putting the recipes together and got the bonus of the flavor pop. :)

Six Learning Videos

Course videos include:

  • Course Jump Start (2 minutes)
  • How to Eat Like a Bear and Go be Awesome! (17 minutes)
  • The Ridiculously Big Framework (14 minutes)
  • Sourcing the "Layers" of the Framework (12 minutes)
  • The Framework in Practice: A Super-Simple Skillet Dish (16 minutes)
  • The Framework in Practice: A Bright Light on the Fourth Layer of the Taco Salad (15 minutes)
  • The Framework in Practice: Relaxing on Perfection Urges in this Sesame Salad (12 minutes)

You will gain access to these videos to stream from a private area in The Eat Like a Bear! Den: EatLikeaBearDen.com.

Videos include transcripts as downloadable PDF files, so if you are short on time or internet bandwidth, you can give the content a quick read.

Videos include closed captions.

Are There Recipes in This?

Yes, there are 20 recipes among the printables, teaching examples of The Ridiculously Big Salad AND The Ridiculously Big Skillet. I have a book dedicated to each of these recipe types for people who want more (or who want just a print book) but the mix in this Blueprint course give you an excellent single place to start.

The Course Jump Start Video

Here's that two-minute jump start video:

And Go Be Awesome!

What is Eat Like a Bear?

Eat, and go be awesome!

The early learning content here at Eat Like a Bear! focused solely on the "what to eat" part of what we do, but if we are to draw the boundary on our eating (and not snack throughout the day, for instance), how can we approach our eating so that we are satisfied, draw the line, and then walk away from food?

THAT is a fundamental part of what we do.

Furthermore, how do we do this every day for weeks and months at a time until we reach our weight loss goal?

Then how do we keep doing this in maintenance, especially in those times when life simply gets tough?

That is the stuff of this course, "The Big Bear Blueprint."

You will dive deeply into the what to eat portion of what we do, AND you will learn key strategies for implementation over the long term.

Easier, Not Harder

The key, simple elements of this course will make your struggles with food choice and weight loss easier, not harder.

Key ways of thinking are baked into this course to help you embrace some decision-making approaches that you've probably never considered.

Why our weight loss paths have looked like the graphic on the left...

And how we can get them to look like the one on the right.

It's really very simple once you think about it.

Easier, Not Harder, and the World of The Red Dot

If you have missed this concept here at Eat Like a Bear, I encourage people to think about not only weight loss, but also simply struggling less in life with weight loss.

Think about weight loss like this graphic, displaying bigger pants to smaller pants. We're all working on the smaller pants.

And then there is how embattled we are, internally, with our daily (and by-the-minute) battles with eating the doughnut or the chips or whatever choices are keeping us from meeting our long-term goals and getting out and living our most vibrant lives.

We can plot that too.

And then we can plot them together and we get the world of The Red Dot (and its somewhat sinister sibling The Yellow Dot), where we somewhat constantly struggle with our choices. 

Our long game play is to move toward that Green Dot and that is exactly what I have designed the Blueprint course to do.

The Easiest Thing No One Has Ever Taught You

All in all, you will likely be shocked by the simplicity and commonsensical approach laid out in this course.

In fact, 99% of us will say, "Wow. I knew that somewhere deep inside...."

This course will create "aha moments" for many of us:

"My goodness, that's so simple. I wish someone had taught me that in 1980...."

There is a 7-day full refund satisfaction guarantee on this product.

Why wait?

Long-Term Success in Weight Loss

There is no easy solution to this complicated problem, but there is most definitely a path to your most vibrant life AND to long-term weight maintenance.

I am four years into maintenance after a year of weight loss. I managed to maintain my weight loss during a traumatic time for my family in 2021 and 2022. Much of this newly updated content is born out of my own trial in those long months.

The "what to eat" portion is what I have taught for four years, but, as you will see, I teach "what to eat" with a simplicity that I leaned into in those difficult months, a key success factor in my weight maintenance. The approach was essential to my original weight loss, as well, but I didn't fully appreciate how to convey it to this community in our early days.

If you are new here, you can now benefit from our four years of learning.

If you have been in the community a while, you will likely find this new course eye-opening.

The Price of This Product – Funding the Community

This product is extremely valuable. 

It is priced so that community members can get in and improve their success path. The value for me is to see massive success in weight loss, something we have all struggled with. I think the best way to achieve this success is to get as many people as possible to dive into high-quality content.

This site and community have seen such success in weight loss over the past four years that I could definitely command a much higher price for these premium information products, particularly since I am not using them to upsell you into a food supplement or other expensive product that you don't need.

This product is priced to find a balance between your success and my paying my bills.

I am counting on this little humbly-priced product driving so much success in our community that we all collect our diamonds in the form of success stories AND, at the same time, that I use it to pay for all of the free resources I have been making available to the community.

I will fold a portion of the sales of this product back into our success case storytelling (in addition to funding our free resource infrastructure) in the Eat Like a Bear! video content on YouTube. Look for details on that.

In fact, I hope that as you take this course, you will return here and leave an honest review of your experience with it. My hope is that it will help you tremendously and that your review will spur someone else to get started.

Who I Am

I'm Amanda Rose. My Ph.D. is in political science. My expertise is in strategy and data analysis. My success in weight loss is completely unexpected. The success of the Eat Like a Bear! community is completely unexpected.

To drive the success you are seeing here, I have leveraged two key things:

(1) My background as an analyst of government programs. I have spent decades examining program effectiveness. These days, I turn a bright light on the effectiveness of our weight loss community.

(2) My expertise in strategy and, in particular, in social choice theory. In this course, you will recognize my strategy game in my own weight management. 

Amanda graduating with a Ph.D., plus publications

As you can see, I have no educational credentials in medicine or nutrition. I do not give medical advice.

In fact, I leveraged my background in strategy for my own weight loss and to lead the community of Eat Like a Bear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I already have the books with recipes. Do I need this too?

I created this product after writing both recipe-oriented books here at Eat Like a Bear!, in an effort to go deeper into the implementation of the framework. This course is a great complement to the other books available here.

Of course, this product is digital-only and has a 7-day satisfaction guarantee, so it really is a no-brainer.

Q: Do I really need someone to teach me how to make a salad?

A: You sure don't need anyone to teach you how to make a salad, but what we do know is that all salads (or other meals) are not created equal for weight loss. You will learn the Ridiculously Big framework, including the salad version of those meals. Even if you've been implementing this approach for months or years, you will get a far deeper understanding of the whys and wherefores of this approach from this course.

Q: I am a gourmet cook. Do I really need you to teach me how to cook?

A: Don't come to this course to improve your gourmet cooking skills. However, gourmets and aspiring gourmets tend to have a common problem in implementation: Their cooking standards are probably higher than they ought to be, which leaves them struggling on bad days. Get some straight talk and strategies on your food preparation mindset on those bad days. Even having this discussion will better position you to implement consistently.

Q: I don't know how to cook. How will I do this?

A: This course teaches an extremely easy approach to meal preparation. You will dump and stir. This is your moment to use your kitchen counter and stove top to change your life.

There is a 7-day full refund satisfaction guarantee on this product.

Why wait?

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