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Eat Like A Bear!

(DIGITAL ONLY) Half My Size with the Ridiculously Big SKILLET (The "Cooked RBS" Digital Book!)

(DIGITAL ONLY) Half My Size with the Ridiculously Big SKILLET (The "Cooked RBS" Digital Book!)

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This is the much-anticipated DIGITAL version of the book Half My Size with the Ridiculously Big SKILLET (formerly "Half My Size with Soups, Skillets, and Sautes").

The print version landed! (Find the print version here, for U.S. orders)

190+ People Have Lost 100+ Lbs. with This Way of Eating – Now You Can Get These Results Without Eating Just Salad!

Hey there!

Let's talk about two issues in that headline above. First, if the headline doesn't have you rolling your eyes, I'm going to wonder. Really....

Diet companies have been lying to us for years, saying:

“Just buy my product and you’ll lose 1000 lbs. in 14 seconds!” 

“Eat our carby foods and you’ll lose 40 lbs. in 2 weeks!” 

“Take our magic pills and you’ll look 20 again with no side effects!”

In fact, our community, Eat Like a Bear! ,was featured in Woman's World magazine with potentially a great article, but the weight loss marketers just couldn't help themselves and made an outlandish (and ridiculous) claim: Lose 19 lbs. EVERY week!


Here's That Ridiculous Claim, About Us! (!!!!)

Anyone who knows me already knows that I couldn't just say nothing about it...

So if you are finding me here today, and you are like me in 2017 – topping the scales at 280 lbs. (and very short at 5'3"), having tried everything and really desperate to be able to get out and live life – then perhaps you have already stopped reading. I get it. I do hope that you're still here, or if you've left, that you'll be back.

Well just a few years ago, I’d really had it!

A Unique Moment of Psychology and a Movement is Born

I was on my couch, barely able to move due to a knee injury, looking out my window at the beautiful forest that I couldn’t explore because I could barely walk.

Below is a picture of me laying on the couch in those early days, and one that I re-created years later.

I actually want to give a shout-out to my own "before picture," because a pretty unique and important bit of psychology was happening in my brain at that moment, allowing me for the first time in four decades to get where I am now – at my lowest weight as an adult.

It's really quite a lengthy and interesting story, one archived across social media, and I could talk about all day, but let me get to the eating part.

As I lay on that couch in those early days, I was actually planning to have bariatric surgery in four months (surgery I never had and no longer qualified for). In those months, I promised myself that I would prove to myself that I had done everything I could to lose weight.

I began a process of what I call "iterating through meal approaches" – testing eating approaches like a scientist whose life depended on it. (My Ph.D. is in political science, and I had spent decades conducting research on government programs.)

What I landed on was a meal framework that leverages the benefits of a low-carb/ketogenic diet AND intermittent fasting.

However, within each of these classes of weight loss approaches, what I didn't really appreciate at the time was how distinct, replicable, and effective my meal approach was.

Then My Story And My Meal Approach Became Viral

My story became viral in Facebook in 2018, and I began to teach people about low-carb eating and intermittent fasting in our very young Eat Like a Bear! community. We had some great success just with those general frameworks because they really are quite effective. However, community members pushed me to teach them exactly what I was eating, and a crazy thing happened: Our community success rate improved.

Then community members asked for a book, and a very modest and under-produced book about salads improved our success rate further. The print version of that original little digital book then made national news by nearly breaking the U.S. Post Office. The book, Half My Size with the Ridiculously Big Salad, had strangers calling out to me in public: "It's the salad lady!!!"

The success of that book has driven much of the massive weight loss success you see in the Eat Like a Bear! community, and our 125+ cases of 100+ pounds lost.

But Not Everyone Wants A Salad ...

I was coaching a friend on all of this. She said to me frankly: "Sorry, but I'm tired of salads, and I need something else."

"Why don't you just eat it cooked?" I responded.

She was dumbfounded because, as I mentioned, my own "salad lady" reputation had proceeded me.

However, from January 2019, when I launched the Three-Day Challenge in the Eat Like a Bear! community, I taught an approach to cooked meals that followed the exact same eating framework of the salad, but the meals were simply cooked instead of raw.

Two-and-a-half years in the making, I offer the new book "Half My Size with Soups, Skillets, and Sautés" in honor of my friends who wanted to eat something other than salads.

(You do know that I eat these cooked meals too, right? Though I expect I will forever be "the salad lady.")

And so my point is that this book, too, just like the Ridiculously Big Salad, is born out of the social proof of this way of eating, from our Eat Like a Bear! community, a community of mostly women over 50 who have always struggled with their weight.

(Already anticipating the question: But what if I am younger and/or have less to lose? Will this still work for me? The older ladies of Eat Like a Bear! jump up and down and say: "Yes! Get started!" ... and some also say, "Do you really think it's harder for you, being young and with less weight to lose? Why are you waiting?"

(You do know that our community is comprised mostly of older ladies, right? We welcome everyone around here, but this is just fair warning....)

And Yet, Don't Focus on the Recipes ...

There are over 60 recipes in this collection and they have driven MASSIVE success. However, our most successful community members are leveraging the benefits of the recipes in a specific psychological context. The whole "not recipe" section of the book -- the psychology of implementation -- is worth far more than the recipes and is an extremely unique and effective approach to weight loss.

When you do grab the book, avoid the temptation to skip right to the recipes.

Read the whole book.

What? It's Only In Digital Now?

Ha ha! I know. We are old-school people, used to physical books made of paper. This book will be in actual, legitimate printed form in late 2022.

Many people are considering waiting for the print book. I would not do so. I would get in and implement these recipes with so much zeal and zest that by the time the print book is available, you do not need it because you've found your groove and implemented this way of eating into your life.

Yes, this book has over 60 recipes, and it has great pictures. It will be beautiful in print.

But what is the real prize you should be visualizing? Yourself in summer 2022 when you don't even care if the print version is available because you are too busy gardening, hiking, horseback riding, or just being generally awesome.

OK, so how are we getting there, to what is really important?

These recipes are a highly-effective way of eating for weight loss. The Eat Like a Bear! community has a huge amount of social proof behind the framework that we call "The Ridiculously Big Salad." These recipes are the cooked version of that framework.

The recipes in the new companion book are ridiculously simple and modeled after the highly-effective recipe featured in Day 2 of the Three-Day Challenge.

However, the value of this digital book is not in the recipes at all. It is in these two elements:

(1) The Framework: The recipes are based on a framework that has proven to be highly effective for weight loss. Having recipes will help you do that, but the recipes are not an end in themselves.

(2) The Embarrassingly Simple Cooking Methods: The recipes come with some cooking approaches that "compete with the drive-thru" in terms of your time spent. These are not "gourmet." In fact, the recipes would embarrass legitimate chefs. I do know how to cook and know a lot of gourmet cooking methods, which is why it took me about two years to get over myself and write this book (and make the companion digital course). It's the way most of us cook when no one is watching, and it's a good back-pocket strategy for the long game. (I do always ask: "Who needs to be a gourmet when you can be trim?")

I take a deep dive into both elements and strongly emphasize why the simplicity matters in a discussion of weight loss psychology that you likely have not heard outside of the Eat Like a Bear! community, with analyses that come from my social science/social choice background and training.

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This digital book is a manuscript-style document that is easily printed on a home printer or at a print or copy shop. It is 85 pages in total, with about 40 pages of recipes. Here is the Table of Contents:


Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of our digital-only products (including this one) have a 7-day satisfaction guaranteed policy. Not satisfied? Simply email for a full refund

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