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Eat Like A Bear!

Eat Like a Bear! Recipe Finder + FB Privileges $119/year ANNUAL Subscription

Eat Like a Bear! Recipe Finder + FB Privileges $119/year ANNUAL Subscription

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Grab the Eat Like a Bear Recipe Finder tool!

Unique access to Facebook tools (an experiment in 2024)

The Recipe Tool and Facebook Community Access is a No-Brainer. Just Try It.

This is a low-cost opportunity to engage with the Eat Like a Bear community and recipe content in a deeper fashion.

  • There are no long-term commitments with this subscription. You can try it for a month or two and simply cancel if it does not bring additional value to your life.
  • The monthly cost is low. You can save a good bit more than this cost on one week of groceries.
  • This is not the biggest financial decision you have made by any means, but it could well be your best, given the value inherent in meeting your own long term goals in health and wellness.

You are currently viewing our annual option. There is also a monthly subscription option here (CLICK!)

Invest in yourself with this tool:

  • The tool will drive your weight loss results by improving your consistency in implementation and helping you to fine-tune it.
  • Your dollars will help build our larger community activities, activities which will also impact you and any friends and family you've referred here.

This is All Risk-Free

All of our digital products come with a 7-day no questions asked guarantee. If these products are not as described or you just find them to be uninspired and not a fit for you, simply ask for a refund.

We are human beings back here who pride ourselves on customer service. That is why we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Eat Like A Bear BBB Business Review

On the Swanky Bear Group in Facebook

We consider this an experiment for the spring and summer of 2024, but early results are that we like it an awful lot. It is a great place for our smaller community to engage, all with access to the core recipes and how-to information. Our discussions are far higher-quality than is possible to host in our larger public communities.

After you purchase, simply request to join the group and send an email to  If your username is different in Facebook than your purchasing name, we need to know that detail to identify you and approve your access. We will send you more details in your welcome email.

Posting Privileges in the 100k Member Eat Like a Bear Stories Group on Facebook

Also experimental, you will be white-listed to post in the main Stories community, following the guidelines of that community. The community is for your stories and is a great place to post your daily progress in challenges.

It is not designed for recipe sharing or memes. Swanky Bears has more flexibility on that sort of content.

(After you purchase, make a post to the main group and email us at that you did so. We will approve the post and white list you.)

On The Recipe Tool: It Assists You with Consistent Implementation

As your meal selection and shopping become easier, you will simply be more likely to implement consistently.

We all know that, as it is with any goal, without consistent implementation, we're simply not going to get where we aim to be.

Many, many factors in life crop up to impede our implementation. Food preparation is one of those.

As you will see, the tool – with its recipes and approach – help you with that consistency, but an under-appreciated value of it may be this: The emails and encouragement you receive as a member will help you stay focused and keep your goal at the top of your mind, making your consistent implementation that much more likely.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email to prompt you to set up log in credentials for this tool. It is on a separate platform requiring a separate login.

This Tool Makes Your Life Easier

Searchable Recipe Database

Use this browser-based tool as a searchable recipe database in the comfort of your own home on your desktop computer or other electronic device.

Explore ideas. Make notes, and create shopping lists in the ways that work for you.

Create Meal Plans and Shopping Lists

Create as many custom meal plans as you like, say for a week at a time. Make use of the shopping list tool in the app if you wish to create and print or save your shopping lists.

If you are on a mobile device, you can use the app shopping list in the grocery store and check off items as you put them into your cart.

In this walk-through video, you can see the process of creating meal plans and shopping lists. It's a very easy tool to use.

I Already Have The Books!

That's great! Ideally, everyone would have both the books and this Recipe Finder tool!

There are recipes in the tool from the books which you can now access more easily on the go, but there is so much more.

The Recipe Finder tool has new recipes added regularly, including recipes more appropriate for two-meal models, and compatible recipes for kids.

The app includes reviews of convenience food items and common ingredients.

Can't I Just Go To Pinterest For Recipes?

You can certainly do anything you wish to forge your own path, and you should forge your own path.

However, keep in mind that a core reason we have books and recipe collections here in this community is because community members were gaining weight over on Pinterest.

With the development of each stream of structured recipes here at Eat Like a Bear! (notably the Ridiculously Big Salad and Ridiculously Big Skillet collections), we saw the general success rate in the community improve.

That said, there are certainly community members who have great success forging their own path. I have great respect for that path, but I thank the community members who choose to purchase anyway because each purchase does help the community at large.

More Than a Recipe Collection

Get added insights along the way.

Subscribers get weekly emails tied to new app content, the "Tasty Tuesday" series.

These emails will not only highlight recipes, but give you little nuggets along the way, nuggets to help make this whole process and journey easier.

The community has had massive success in weight loss. We have a lot of wisdom back here.

This Tool is Funded to Develop Into a Resource-Rich Tool for You

The GREAT benefit of a membership-based app with a low monthly cost is that it has funding for growth and development.

With an already impressive foundation of recipes and shopping lists at your fingertips, we add ideas and processes regularly to assist you with your kitchen tasks.

This Tool Also Supports All Of The Free Resources in the Larger Community

Many people refer their friends and family members to Eat Like a Bear. There is a strong foundation of free resources for them to help them reach their goals. Those resources are paid for by the premium information products here at Eat Like a Bear. They are member-funded. Thank you for your support. It helps keep all of us (you there and us back here) "free from the man." :)

Eating is Expensive but Eat Like a Bear! Is Not

The average American spends about $350 per month on groceries and $150 on eating out, for a total of $500 per month.

That's a good bit of money, but the harsh reality of that $500 is that many of us also end up pretty darned fat.

I know. I am the president of that club. I clocked in at 280 pounds at 48 years old before I finally put all of this together, went viral, and unexpectedly found myself leading the Eat Like a Bear! community, which has thousands of weight loss cases to date.

One of the points that makes me most proud about Eat Like a Bear! is that our eating approach can be done on a SNAP (food stamp) budget. Once on TikTok, I shopped for our Three-Day Challenge and spent $6/day on food ($180/month). In reality, I tend to spend more than that, but the point is that I do not have to.

What we do at Eat Like a Bear! is financially accessible to everyone. The app makes it easier still.


Is this a recurring fee?

Yes, this is a recurring monthly fee. There is an annual option here: (CLICK!)

There are no long-term commitments. You can unsubscribe at any time.

I don't want to pay a recurring charge. Are there other options?

We have monthly and annual payment options, but both are set to auto-bill at the beginning of each new cycle. You can certainly sign up and then unsubscribe. Your membership access will continue during the current payment period.

There are no long-term financial commitments. Unsubscribe at any time.

Why not make this tool a one-time price?

We have books here at Eat Like a Bear! for people seeking a one-time payment with recipe content, but the vision for this tool is that it will continually be infused with new content, and it will have regular community-oriented activities that need their own funding source to maintain. That funding is from members in the form of the modest monthly or annual fee.

Thank you for your support.

I thought the Eat Like a Bear! diet was free. Why do I need to pay for this?

Here at Eat Like a Bear! we have spent over five years building an infrastructure of free content to help you lose weight.

Those free resources have not diminished with the introduction of this tool.

It's really all better than free content: You can take our approach to the grocery store and implement it on a SNAP/food stamps budget if need be. You can be completely free of the entire weight loss industry, lose weight, save money, and send us postcards from the new life you are out living.

However, if you would like additional support in the form of this tool, the funds for the additional support come from its members.

Keep in mind that funding for this tool needs to come from somewhere. (We are pretty regular people back here.) We could have funded the tool with a pharmaceutical partnership or with a weight loss industry brand. The funding does have to come from somewhere because the Bear pockets get emptied out paying for that free content infrastructure.

Since members can save hundreds of dollars a month in groceries and health care costs, it just makes sense that this resource be member-funded.

We are pretty proud that we are able to offer it at a modest price, especially given the extreme amount of social proof and reviews we have here at Eat Like a Bear! for our approach.

The great news is that the more people who fund the tool, the more resources will be available to help with our mission. Over the next five and ten years, we may even have a more impressive infrastructure of free content.

Fingers crossed....

We're Real People Back Here Working to Support Your Success

Eat Like a Bear! is not a faceless brand, established to get a piece of the weight loss industry pie.

The Eat Like a Bear! community sprung up from my unexpected success in weight loss. Great news goes viral, and so did Eat Like a Bear. Even Meta (the parent company of Facebook) recognized its viral impact.

That's Meta's statement below.

This is me, over five years in...

I'm glad you found us.

I look forward to your story.


Eat Like A Bear BBB Business Review

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